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Meet and Assist services at airports in Tunisia. For any traveler, on any airline, in any cabin class.

Tunisia airport Tunis–Carthage is a small but busy airport in North Africa.  Booking a Meet and Assist Service will make passing through it fast and easy. Tunisia Fast Track’s local greeters will help bypass the lines and ensure a quick arrival, a smooth departure, or a successful connection.

Africa Fast Track’s service in Tunisia adds a first class feel, usually reserved for local VIPs. Our service may include special immigration, a buggy kart & porters.  Before you book, our rez team helps you book the exact service you need.

Airport Meet and Greet service in Tunisia Airport (TUN).

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On arrival Tunisia Fast Track’s English speaking greeters will meet you near the air bridge. They will assist you through any passport or visa control, and escort you to the baggage and customs area. They will help find your driver, or if you booked a connection, check in to your next flight.

On departure, they will contact your driver, will assist you through check-in and immigration, and will take you to your airline lounge or the boarding gate.

For connections, the greeter will meet you near the air bridge and will guide and escort you through the arrival, departure and transfer processes needed for your connection, right through to your airline lounge or the gate.

For more than 10 years our Airport Assistance and Booking Team has assisted thousands of travellers pass smoothly through busy airports. Before you book, Fast Track’s tools and expert staff will help you understand and choose the exact service you need at the lowest possible cost.

Fast Track services are available to any traveler, on any airline, and in any cabin class, and in all major airports around Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

Tunis–Carthage Airport (IATATUN) This is the International airport of Tunisia based in the capital city of Tunis. From this airport one can fly to most regional destinations and a good number of European destinations with Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France, Vueling, Qatar and many more airlines. There are 2 terminals at this airport, the main terminal and a second terminal where charter flights operate from.

There is a shuttle bus that operates between the 2 terminals. A taxi ride to the city takes only 20 minutes in one of the metered yellow taxis; other taxis are not advised. The facilities inside the airport are equal to that of most international airports including a VIP lounge and even a hairdressing salon. There are 2500 parking spaces, a travel agent and a good selection of eateries. There are ATMs and Money Exchange facilities available, it should be noted that one cannot exchange Tunisian currency once outside the country.

11.5 million people live in this North African country. It is full of history and natural beauty and thus any visitor will surely find many wonderful things to do to pass the time. The inviting beaches on the Mediterranean coast are a great place to soak up the sunshine while planning your evening. The landscape in this country is full of extremes, one the one hand there is the Sahara desert with its sweeping sand dunes and on the other hand there is the hustle and bustle to be found in the captivating city of Tunis.

Tunis, the capital city with a population of 639,000 people is a great place to visit. It is located immediately next to Lake Tunis, slightly inland from the coast. The buildings in Tunis are great examples of the past colonial times and any photographer would love them. Walking through the city is exciting with many markets. It is especially recommended to visit Medina (a World Heritage Site) this area is home to more than 700 monuments as well as Mosques, Mausoleums and fountains. Also, in Medina one can see people beating copper and brass and making amazing souvenirs, the quality is excellent.

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